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Step 01 | Discover

Even before a pencil is lifted, we spend ample time exploring critical questions like: what problems must the design solve? Who/What are the competitors? What is the state of the art? It’s only by having clear answers to these and other questions that we can set out to create designs that are distinctive and relevant.

Step 02 | Define

Initial sketches are made, keeping in mind company- and project-specific issues, target audience and of course communication objectives. By the end of this process, three or four great designs are developed.

Step 03 | Design

Designs are presented along with projected costs, and clients provide feedback. Often during this stage issues arise that were not previously considered. We understand that this is part of the process. So we listen. And often we may go back to step one or two in order to get to step four.

Step 04 | Deliver

Once a design is approved, we can follow through and handle all production - including engineering and manufacturing for products; HTML and Flash development for websites; installations for environments, and press checks for print work.