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July 2019
Heavy Duty Plunger with Holder by Optic Lingo

Designed and developed by Optic Lingo to clear even the toughest clogs. All plungers are not created equal, this 6-in diameter heavy duty plunger cup with flange (extra ring of rubber at the bottom of the cup) is designed to work in all toilets 18-In handle and comfort grip keeps your hands away from the water.

May 2018
11 Quart Pail by Optic Lingo

The "11 Quart Pail" design and developed by Optic Lingo is great for all types of cleaning tasks. The oblong design of the bucket fits most mops and large brushes to make cleaning easy. Includes a pour spout to prevent water from splashing out and a durable handle that pivots 180°. This essential bucket is perfect for everyday cleaning jobs and between uses can double as a storage caddy for supplies.

October 2016
Dustpan & Brush Set by Optic Lingo

The "Dustpan & Brush Set" design and developed by Optic Lingo is perfect for quick clean ups in the kitchen, bathroom and around the house. Flexible rubber lip hugs the surface to catch fine dirt and debris. Brush has soft bristles with a soft grip and snaps into the dustpan handle for easy storage.

December 2014
Optic Lingo Designs MedSpa Hospital Chair for Long Term Medical Patients

The "MedSpa" is a long-term disability piece of mobility equipment for the hospital patient. The "MedSpa" backwash shampoo system features chair with porcelain bowl, faucet, soft spray hose, built-in silicone infused headrest, drain assembly with strainer, and ottoman style footrest. All backwash systems have a UPC valve with built-in backflow preventer.


October 2014
Planet Wealthy, UX/Website Design

Planet Wealthy is a small firm that maintains a vast network of financial professionals that they can call upon to assist with millennial customers. > Learn more


July 2014
Rock Tools Automotive Jacks by Optic Lingo

Visual Brand Language was completed for Rock Tools automotive division. Concept was designed for a new line of automotive jacks. The quick lifting hydraulic automotive jack for Rock Tools saves time and is equipped with a safety valve to prevent overloading. We designed patentable features for Rock Tools like “Reposition-able Light” and “Shovel Handle”.

April 2014
Optic Lingo Designs Multisensory Experiences in Vending

Optic Lingo designs new touch screen user interface for Sweet Amanda’s vending machine that is Sleeker. Faster. More Intuitive.

Intelligent vending machines from Sweet Amanda’s have large HD displays for purchasing candy and toys, with helpful messages, and other content (e.g., nutritional information) in the customer’s direct line of sight. The touch screen vending gives customers a unique fun shopping experience, delivers the “wow” with Intel and Google Chrome technology.

Today’s intelligent vending systems are not the ordinary snack dispensers you grew up with. Vending technology is evolving quickly, and new machines are engaging shoppers like never before with touch-screen controls, video, audio, scent, gesture-based interaction, and cashless payment.

“Intelligence” means connected, managed, secured
An intelligent vending system is connected to the Internet and a network, managed remotely via a central console, and secured from hackers. Built on Intel® architecture and utilizing powerful Intel technologies, this new breed of customizable and engaging vending systems delivers amazing experiences—actively selling products, engaging with shoppers, analyzing results, proactively reporting data, self-monitoring, and more.

Manage thousands of machines at once
With Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), you can remotely monitor real-time inventory, proactively schedule restocking, and diagnose systems operations—all to reduce operating costs and boost profits. In the event of a malfunction, an automatic alert is generated, thereby reducing downtime and lost sales opportunities. Even new promotions can be initiated remotely, decreasing labor costs and time to deployment.

Engage customers with exciting user experience to boost sales.
Show video promotions to customers.
Update digital content and messaging online.

Delivery of digital content to every screen
Optimizing the customer experience is the focus of Intel Retail Client Manager (Intel RCM)—an intelligent software solution that enables you to deliver digital content to every screen, including intelligent vending systems, with greater impact, when and where it matters most. Reach unique audiences in a timely manner, remotely manage your messages in near real time, and launch customized content dynamically.


February 2014
Optic Lingo Office Goes 'Green' with LED Light Installation

Optic Lingo installed a new LED lighting system at it’s office in Akron, Ohio. The new lights are more efficient than fluorescent lighting and will conserve energy and save money.

LED lighting performs well in all seasons and has an average lifetime two to five times that of fluorescent lighting. The new lighting system is expected to save hundreds of dollars annually.

To conserve natural resources, recycled carpet, reclaimed hardwood flooring, and renewable acoustical ceiling tiles installed throughout the Hermes building. The integrated approach considers environmental impacts, minimizes waste, creates a healthy and comfortable environment, and reduces operation and maintenance costs.


December 2013
Law Office of Brian L. Fink, Branding/Website Design

Law Office of Brian L. Fink is a small firm that maintains a vast network of financial, tax, marketing, business, and legal professionals throughout northeast Ohio that they can call upon to assist with a clients most challenging situation. > Learn more


October 2013
History of Medical Innovation at Optic Lingo

For decades, the United States has benefited from being home to the preeminent medical innovation ecosystem in the world. This has ensured access to cutting-edge treatment options for the nation’s citizens, fueled economic growth and job creation. Optic Lingo has been a critical component of U.S. global technological medical innovation. Optic Lingo started being active in medical products during the early ninties by designing body imaging cameras with Siemens Healthcare's global innovation team.

Today Optic Lingo is active helping both startup and multinational healthcare companies. Cartspri Products Company, a global medical device manufacturer and a new client of Optic Lingo this summer announced TUUBEZZ it's game changing G-Tube Storage Belt. We helped TUUBEZZ with interactive design such as user-exerience, information architecture and e-commerce store for selling it's medical product worldwide. > Learn more


August 2013
Shapely Foods, Branding/Website Design

Shapely Foods mission is to build long-term relationships with it’s customers and change the way they think about, talk about and execute health and weight management programs. As nutritional guidelines and concepts evolve, the websites purpose is to encourage individuals and families to make healthier food and lifestyle choices by eating the right combinations of food. > Learn more


March 2013
Midwest Plastic Fabricators, Branding/Package Design

This easy, safe and secure adjustable meter riser assembly kit (AMRAK) offers material and installation cost savings. AMRAK includes a double-kick, 24-inch radius bend, riser and expansion cylinder with adapter, clamp and screws. Each feature is designed so the electrician can easily install the service entrance system without jobsite cutting, bending or foundation trim/shovel work. The riser bend has a formed Sch 80 sleeve overlay at ground level for mechanical protection.


July 2012
Best Wishes to Athletes of the London Olympics


April 2012
Even Bigger Office - Optic Lingo Moves to Downtown Akron

Optic Lingo is moving!

Actually, they’ve already moved…

After many creative years in Munroe Falls, Optic Lingo has decided to move to their new home in historic downtown Akron. In April, 2012, the team at Optic Lingo made the transition to the Hermes Building in Akron’s Biomedical Corridor. The Hermes Building is the former location of the Dettling’s Florist Company and the Botzum Seed Company. It has been completely renovated by developer, Tony Troppe. Their new studio can be found above the 3 Point Restaurant, across the street from Akron Art Museum and Austen BioInnovation Institute.

According to Craig Miloscia, President of Optic Lingo, “The biomedical corridor is a good fit for Optic Lingo. The new offices are more spacious and a wholly creative environment.”

Location is key, as well.

Optic Lingo is known for its biomedical design work which makes the move to the Biomedical Corridor a calculated decision.

GOJO, the makers of skin health and hygiene products located in Akron, Ohio, contacted the firm to develop a free-standing sanitizing station for their Purell TouchFree Dispenser. The result was a shield that was easy to set up and occupied very little space. It is now used throughout the country in hospitals, libraries, concert halls, and shopping centers.


Press Releases 2012

28 February 2012
Optic Lingo Featured for Legacy of Timeless Visual Design Strategies
Enduring visual design connects brands with consumers
> Read more


January 2012
Brainstorm Social Network, Identity/Branding

OpticLingo Sponsored Athletes

Optic Lingo is proud to unveil new identity/branding work for Brainstorm Social Network. This educational institution combines instructional materials with a strong networking/support component. The goal is to keep small businesspeople and entrepreneurs up-to-date, motivated, and fresh with ideas and contacts. The logo utilizes a maze to indicate the complexities and obstacles that businesspeople face, while the arrow suggests a way out and forward, lending dynamism.


October 2011
Prattfolio "Generations Issue"

The Pratt Paparazzi! The Fall/Winter ’11 issue of PrattFolio (Pratt Institute) contains a section called ‘Generations,” featuring parent/child alumni combinations. Optic Lingo partner Craig Milosica, class of ’87, and his father, William Miloscia, class of ‘62, are proud to have taken part and are featured on page 7 of the magazine. Click here to read the article.


September 2011
New Bigger Office

OpticLingo Sponsored Athletes

One of the biggest things to happen at Optic Lingo during 2011 was the bigger office space. The new location offers more (and nicer!) square footage, more parking and better access to clients and major thoroughfares. If you missed our open house, you’re welcome anytime!


July 2011
Girls With Sole + Wheels4Change, Website Design/Advertising

OpticLingo Sponsored Athletes

When not incredibly busy with clients, Optic Lingo partner Craig Miloscia is happy to lend his talents to two non-profits. Girls With Sole helps build self esteem and fitness in young girls who have been victims of abuse. Wheels4Change, the other non-profit, raises money for Vets with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Optic Lingo is proud to sponsor local athletes and events in Northeast Ohio.

Sept 2010
Sponsored Athletes

OpticLingo Sponsored Athletes

Julie Healy (Left), High School Teacher, Cross Country Coach and Age Group Triathlete

High school track and cross country runner, turned to triathlons during college and have been hooked ever since. Total years participating: 5. Distances range from Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Full Ironman. Also participates in running events ranging from 5k to full marathon distance.

Adrienne Dinapoli (Right), Elementary School Teacher, Cross Country Coach and Age Group Triathlete

High school track and cross country runner awarded full athletic college scholarship. Started high school track coaching recently and enjoy it immensely. Total years participating in triathlons: 5. Distances range from Sprint to Olympic. Also participates in running events ranging from 5k to 10k distance.

August 2010
Greater Cleveland Triathlon, Event Sponsor

August 2010, Greater Cleveland Triathlon, Event Sponsor

June 2010
Twinsburg Duathlon

June 2010, Twinsburg Duathlon, Event Sponsor

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