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Microsoft has its hands in hundreds of online properties. Each has its own voice, tone and feel. To help them distinguish products and services within those properties, they make heavy use of icons and symbols. We created these for Microsoft’s MSN division.

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Key Bank

We developed the user interface for a system-wide software product used internally by the bank. This large project lasted one year and required close partnership with developers, business managers and others. We'd love to show you, but that non-disclosure we signed means we'd be sued out of existence. Feel free to call us for specifics (but no pictures).

North Coast Multisports

We hit the ground running. This organization manages sporting events throughout northeast Ohio. In the race to get their marketing materials created, we were tasked with creating their logo, collaterial, website and newsletter campaigns. Practically a marathon!

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In addition to designing the scanner itself, it fell upon us to create the user interface for the software that runs it.

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Law Office of Brian L. Fink

Law Office of Brian L. Fink is a small firm that maintains a vast network of financial, tax, marketing, business, and legal professionals throughout northeast Ohio that they can call upon to assist with a clients most challenging situation. We designed their website, stationary, social media and newsletter campaigns.


In addition to designing the Thermador range, we were also responsible for designing the entire user interface for all the high end Thermador appliances - the refrigerator, oven and microwave.

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Shapely Foods

Visit shapelyfoods.com. Shapely Foods mission is to build long-term relationships with it's customers and change the way they think about, talk about and execute health and weight management programs. As nutritional guidelines and concepts evolve, the websites purpose is to encourage individuals and families to make healthier food and lifestyle choices by eating the right combinations of food.


We designed these Yahoo! pieces as brand exercises. One piece promotes a former Yahoo! property, the other promotes their online coverage of college basketball games.

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Sweet Amanda's

The company manufactures the world's most cutting-edge vending kiosks. It’s flagship vending machine dispenses up to sixteen different types of bulk candy and up to six different types of "capsule" products. The candy is dispensed into a Sweet Amanda's cup by conveyer, making the process fun to watch! We designed the user interface, experience and visuals for the flagship vending kiosk which uses Google’s Chrome touch environment.

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The Pitch Palace

In our hyper-competitive world, it isn’t enough to simply write an introduction, sprinkle in a few talking points and charts, and then conclude with the relevant bios. No. If you want to win over your audience, you need a pitch that is completely thought out – one that anticipates questions, obviates criticisms and positions you as the only viable option. And then your pitch materials need to look – and sound – spectacular like the website we designed for the client.


The company is a global medical device manufacturer and distributor of the game changing G-Tube Storage Belt. The startup strives to develop innovative medical devices that both enhance patient treatments worldwide but also bolster our economy here in the United States. We designed an ecommerce solution with shopping cart for the company.

Spectrum Outdoor Products

The company is a national manufacturer of high quality aftermarket products for the lawn & garden industry. Their manufacturing facilities have been producing high quality plastic products for over 20 years. We designed a website solution with product inventory for the company.

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