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Optic Lingo

What is it that draws companies like Microsoft, Thermador and Siemens to Optic Lingo? In a word, integration - the kind that few design firms can match. With expertise in nearly every one of the visual arts and with all of the critical design tools at our disposal, Optic Lingo is able to deliver visual concepts that transcend disciplines. From collateral, interfaces, environment and websites to the most technical of product designs, Optic Lingo creates visual concepts that are powerful, transferable and cohesive.


From the most technical of products to the simplest, Optic Lingo always strives to find the right balance of functionality, usability and aesthetics. Our work has won many awards – take a look and you’ll see why.


Brochures, postcards, postcards and more. Our graphic designers create collateral that works with your other branded materials, or we can create new styles and templates. See our work for IDSA and others.


A website is your storefront to the world. It has to reflect the personality and branding of your company. Optic Lingo prides itself on being sensitive to your company’s visual vocabulary, the purpose of the site and the audience. We offer turnkey solutions from site maps and wireframes through development and launch.


We’ve helped museums, travel centers and other design their facilities, making them friendly, functional and, most of all, pleasant to be in.


From sourcing containers to designing labels, Optic Lingo delivers. See our work for Domo Designs and BoatMates.


Good industrial designers know how to make something look good. Or they know how to make user operation simple. Great designers do both, taking into account product use, target audience (age, height, experience), context and setting. See our work for Moen, Siemens and others.


Nothing may be more important to your company or brand messaging than the logo itself. For every logo project, we do hours of research and develop scores of options.

We also create icons to quickly communicate information and which often can be used across languages and across cultures.


Whether your brand is big or small, Optic Lingo has the experience and partners to create effective, smart branding and product campaigns. We team up with award-winning copywriters and photographers, plus account planners and researchers (if needed) to deliver top-notch print, radio, print and web-based campaigns.

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